"For me, the sight of a parrot living alone, living in a cage, deprived of flight, miserably bored, breaks my heart. And the parrot’s too perhaps."

Dr. Jane Goodall, Foster Parrots Supporter

Parrot Confidential

Parrot Confidential, a documentary in which Foster Parrots plays a starring role, debuted on PBS Nature Series this past November, 2013. A lovable, quirky cast of parrots share their heart tugging tales and the bittersweet world they share with humans. Watch the complete documentary right here:



We appreciate your interest in parrot adoption!  There are thousands of parrots waiting in rescue facilities nationally for committed, compassionate adoptive homes.

The investment of time, patience, and resources required to provide for the needs of a flighted wild animal in a domestic situation can challenge even the most experienced parrot guardians.  The decision to open one’s home to a parrot should not be taken lightly. Please read this Adoption Section thoroughly to understand our policies and procedures.


Conservation For Parrots In The Wild

Our efforts to protect parrots in captivity in the U.S. were enhanced by the opportunity to help protect the freedom of those that remain in the wild in Guyana.  A single, private donation to Foster Parrots, Ltd.  in 2005 funded the construction of Maipaima Eco-Lodge, deep in the forest of Nappi Village at the foot of the Kanuku Mountains in Southern Guyana.