"Providing place, peace and protection for parrots in captivity and in the wild; working from the belief that all wild animals should live with dignity and freedom."

"For me, the sight of a parrot living alone, living in a cage, deprived of flight, miserably bored, breaks my heart. And the parrot’s too, perhaps." ~ Jane Goodall, Foster Parrots Supporter

Adoption Profiles

If you feel you can make a long-term commitment to share your home with a parrot, ADOPT, DON’T SHOP! There are LOTS of GREAT birds out there who NEED good homes! Let us help you find that special bird who wants to be part of your family!

To introduce you to some of our adoptable birds, we’ll be profiling them on this Web page. Please check back frequently, to see new profiles.

This week, April 17th, 2015, we’d like to introduce you to

MERLIN, the Senegal Parrot

Please note that MERLIN is currently in our ADOPTION REFERRAL PROGRAM. He does not reside at our sanctuary, and has not been evaluated by our staff. The following description is based on information provided by his current guardian.

Merlin 2

Parrot Confidential

Parrot Confidential, a documentary in which Foster Parrots plays a starring role, debuted on PBS Nature Series this past November, 2013. A lovable, quirky cast of parrots share their heart tugging tales and the bittersweet world they share with humans. Watch the complete documentary right here:


Hatched to Fly Free!

Great Green macaws

With a decade of experience and unprecedented success breeding and releasing macaws in Costa Rica, the core team of the old Ara Project is embarking on an exciting new mission. With passion and renewed enthusiasm they are launching a new organization, “Hatched To Fly Free,” and an ambitious new goal in Costa Rica: The Pacific Coast Macaw Corridor. Click here for more information.

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