Our Educational Philosophy

Foster Parrots’ goal is to connect visitors empathetically to the lives and experiences of the parrots at the sanctuary, to ignite a new awareness of our roles and responsibilities in the lives of all animals with whom we share this planet, and to inspire a commitment to change. For more information please mail us at: Education@fosterparrots.com 

Humane Education

Empathic Learning

We must learn to appreciate the experiences of others whether they be a person, place, plant or animal.  The ability to form empathetic connections helps us to better understand our own experiences and the impact of our actions on the world around us.


Experiential Learning

Understanding the world around us cannot be articulated solely through the words in a textbook. We each have our own way of experiencing the world and, as educators, it is imperative that we help children and adults alike to understand the impact of their choices and their actions on animals, on the planet - and on each other. Our connections to the earth and to each other is what propels us towards action in making the world a better place.

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Non-traditional Learning

Working with animals and the environment offers us a compelling alternative to traditional classroom learning.  We encourage kids to engage through drawing, singing, dancing, building, talking or simply observing.  

* This song was written and arranged by a group of middle schoolers participating in the AfterZone PASA Program where they spent time with a Foster Parrots educator learning about our birds, about the many native animals in their urban and suburban environments, and exploring the woods and rivers around our sanctuary. They concluded their experience by writing a song about how they view themselves in relation to the world around them.

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Sanctuary Tours and Presentations

We look forward to meeting you and will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but please understand that our top priority is caring for our residents. Consequently, tours are usually scheduled between 1p and 3p, and are subject to staff availability. We offer packages that combine educational programs with tours of our facility. We’ll put together a program you won’t forget. 




Offsite Presentations

We travel throughout Southern New England or Southeastern New York, bringing humane education programming to groups who are not able to visit our facility. We also offer on-site presentations and tours.  Most presentations are about an hour long, but workshops and special programming options are also available. Please note that we do not bring parrots to off-site programs. Instead, we provide photo-rich presentations with a proven track record of keeping children and adults engaged.





Internships, Merit Badges and School Projects

Merit Badges/Scout Projects:  Whether you’re a Cub Scout or an Eagle Scout, our sanctuary is a great place to put your feet on the ground and your ideas to work! From “nut drives” to habitat enrichment, we appreciate every opportunity to collaborate on service projects that teach real-life skills and improve our residents’ quality of life.

Internships & Independent Studies:  Internships at The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary are unpaid and educational in nature. We strive to develop programs that complement various curricula and provide students with a valuable experience. To apply, submit your resume (or C.V.), a letter of introduction and a listing of your school’s internship requirements to danika@fosterparrots.com. *Please note that Foster Parrots does not provide interns with transportation or housing.


Events and Outreach Tables

If an outreach table is more appropriate, we’re pre-packed and ready to go with minimal notice. Be advised that, as a 501(c)(3) organization, it is difficult for us to cover registration fees for outreach events. Consequently, requests to attend events that require fees will be considered on a case-by-case basis.