Placing your parrot

Parrots lose their homes for many different reasons.  As a no-kill sanctuary our capacity to take in new birds is limited. We offer a variety of services for parrots in transition, evaluating the needs of each bird on a case-by-case basis.  All individuals looking to relinquish a parrot must complete a Parrot Relinquishment Questionnaire

If you are looking to surrender your bird due to behavioral issues please first check out our Living With a Parrot page for information and counseling options. Learn More


Well socialized, human bonded birds may not do well in the sanctuary setting.  We evaluate every surrender request individually to determine the best course of action for each parrot.



We house a limited number of adoptable birds onsite.  All other birds not suitable for sanctuary will be placed into our Referral Adoption Program, where we work to find well qualified, committed homes through our network of associate rescue organizations, humane shelters and veterinary clinics.   

Counseling: Helping Birds to Keep Their Homes

We offer counseling for people who want to try and keep their bird in their home, but are struggling to manage the behavioral challenges that come with living with parrots.  Oftentimes small fixes like adjusting cage/aviary set up, establishing daily routines, or increasing enrichment can help guardians and parrots coexist more peacefully. Learn More

Estate Planning and Life Long Care

This service is intended for individuals looking to retire their bird at our sanctuary or include their parrot in estate planning. Learn More