Arts and Animals

We are working to create a space that increases the accessibility of participation in the animal welfare movement. For many animal and environmental advocates, participation does not always take the form of traditional support. We believe that anyone should have the opportunity and ability to contribute to the animal welfare movement in a method that represents the individual, regardless of form. 

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Mission Statement

“Feral Arts is a community art cooperative providing a platform for unbridled creativity inspired by animal welfare values and environmental stewardship. The Feral Arts studio and incubator offers opportunities for unstructured learning through artistic expression and traditional vocational skills. Hosted on the site of the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary and Nature Center, this art-based initiative encourages individuals to find inspiration by working with and around our animals and the natural beauty of rural Rhode Island. Feral Arts invites participants to learn, apply or experiment with any and all artistic mediums or traditions, providing dedicated space for innovation and advocacy channeled through the language of art and cooperation. Feral Arts is fueled by the power of hands-on experiential learning that promotes a sense of pride, independence and empowerment in making the world a better place.

Artists in Residence

The Workshop

Inspired by renowned urban artist Travis Moonschein, what originally began as a rudimentary welding workshop for his animal inspired sculptures has grown into an active arts incubator and studio. Giving new life to an abandoned truck garage we have built a welding, carpentry and paint studio with additional large area workspace for oversized projects. Our space now supports 3 artists in residence who are all active members of the Foster Parrots family. Lead Artist, Travis Moonschein, has been joined by Sean Maze to create and grow this unique space. 

We are working to secure capital funding over the next year to expand the workshop space and improve upon the existing Feral Arts facility.  Wish List: Any and all building materials and AV equipment :)

Please email for specifications and quantities of wish list items.