Our Beliefs

In addition to our work protecting parrots in captivity, Foster Parrots is a One Health advocate and staunch conservationist. We believe in the deep interconnectedness of the human-animal-environment relationship. By bringing attention to and encouraging discussion about our own individual relationships to the wild, we can help encourage a sense of stewardship in each of us that helps all animals both captive and free. 

We are proud to partner with amazing conservation programs that strive to protect animals in the wild and bring awareness to ever increasing human animal conflicts.  Together, we believe this multifaceted approach to welfare and conservation is the key to protecting our planet.

Macaw Conservation Costa Rica

Costa Rica

With a decade of experience and unprecedented success breeding and releasing macaws in Costa Rica, the core team formerly with the Ara Project is embarking on an exciting new mission. With passion and renewed enthusiasm they are launching a new organization, “Macaw Conservation Costa Rica,”  and an ambitious new goal in Costa Rica:  The Pacific Coast Macaw Corridor. Learn More




We are committed to people, parrots, and peace on this one earth through valuing and responding to the needs of the many. Seeking to nourish one another we contribute to the flourishing of all. We do this by connecting people to one another and to the Earth and her beings through conservation, ecojustice, and ecotourism.  Learn More




Our efforts to protect parrots in captivity in the U.S. were enhanced by the opportunity to help protect the freedom of those that remain in the wild in Guyana. A single, private donation to Foster Parrots, Ltd. in 2004 funded the construction of Maipaima Eco-Lodge, deep in the forest of Nappi Village at the foot of the Kanuku Mountains in Southern Guyana. Learn More