No experience necessary! Sign up for a tour and training sessions to learn about the needs of our birds and the techniques we’ve devised to care for them.

Volunteer Commitment

With over 400 birds at our sanctuary, we are always in need of compassionate, dedicated volunteers (18 or older) who can make the commitment of one day a week for at least three months.  Reliability is important to ensure our birds receive a consistent high level of care. 

Volunteer Duties

Duties are tailored to the abilities of our volunteers, and include:

  • cleaning cages, changing papers
  • washing bowls and food dishes
  • measuring and serving food
  • preparing fresh food
  • scraping, sweeping and mopping floors
  • making and distributing toys
  • providing spray showers
  • engaging and socializing
  • laundering and folding towels
  • maintaining grounds


We take pleasure in sharing our commitment with animal lovers everywhere. We work hard to make our annual Fall Fundraiser on the sanctuary grounds memorable, with tours, dancing and delicious food. In many ways—friendships, support, fun—we are a family. Please consider volunteering! 


Parrots are highly intelligent, profoundly social, flighted wild animals. One of the most rewarding aspects of volunteering at Foster Parrots is making and distributing toys, giving spray showers, even just talking and playing with birds. We provide a rich, stimulating environment—can you help?

These extraordinary animals are challenging and rewarding to work with. 

Volunteering for just 3 to 6 hours a week can make a big difference in their lives. 

Please join us!

Email: volunteer@fosterparrots.com

Phone:  401-207-1090 (Stephanie)