Estate Planning and Life Long Care

People who wish to enroll their parrots in the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary Life-Long Care Program and/or include Foster Parrots in their Estate Planning ensure the future care and security of their avian family members, provide support for the rescued population, and help insure the continuation of the mission and the facility itself.

Many guardians prefer the permanence and consistency of care that can be provided at the New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary.  This is a particularly good retirement choice for pairs or small groups of birds arriving together, or for single parrots who are good candidates for integration into “avian society” or who are likely to be able to establish a bond with another parrot. 

Parrots entering the sanctuary under the “ Life-Long Care Plan” must be accommodated by an endowment. The endowment fee is calculated depending on your parrots age and potential life span, payable upon admittance to the sanctuary program:

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 2.19.48 PM.png

These fees represent the maximum required endowment fee. However, individuals looking to give beyond the required amount are more than welcome to donate at their will.

Special discounted fees can be arranged for multiple birds or for older birds based on anticipated life expectancy.

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