The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is not open to the public, except for special events. We do, however, offer tours of our facility on a pre-scheduled basis.

General tours (requested for reasons not related to Adoption or Volunteering) are offered by appointment only, between mid-April and mid-December. We do not offer general tours during the winter, due to seasonal demands and weather complications.

We look forward to meeting you and will do our best to accommodate your schedule, but please understand that our top priority is caring for our residents. Consequently, tours are usually scheduled between 1p and 3p, and are subject to staff availability.

To request your tour, email

We hope you’ll visit soon!



Sanctuary tours are free, but donations in any amount are appreciated. Your donation allows us to feed, house and care for our residents. We are grateful for any level of support. If you are unable to donate, please help by telling others about the work we do.

Tours require about an hour’s worth of standing and walking on concrete floors. We request that all visitors wear appropriate footwear. Sneakers are probably best. If walking is difficult for anyone in your group, please discuss this with us in advance. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

The sanctuary can be a very LOUD place. Younger children and adults who are sensitive to noise may become overwhelmed by the natural voices of our residents.

If you have a parrot, you cannot bring your bird with you. We appreciate your enthusiasm, but the potential risks to our flock, and to yours, preclude such visits.

If you wish to visit our facility, you will have to read, agree to and sign our “Acknowledgment and Waiver” before your tour can begin.

Tours are guided and educational. Everyone in a designated tour group must stay together at all times. Once the tour starts, individual participants will not be allowed to stray from or leave the tour group.

Although some of our residents may have once been pets, be advised that they are wild animals with wild instincts that may make them unpredictable and aggressive. Visitors are not allowed to touch any of our residents, under any circumstances.