Meet Mary—

In May 22, 2013 our good friend, James Crandall lost his battle with liver cancer.

Some may remember the story Saying Good-Bye To Mary in our March 2012 newsletter, which told of Jim’s deep love for his scarlet macaw, Mary, and the efforts he took to secure her future through estate planning. Just a few years after making the necessary arrangements for Mary’s care, Jim learned that he had terminal liver cancer.

Nothing was more important to Jim than knowing that Mary was going to be okay.  He brought her to the sanctuary before his health failed completely so that he could continue to visit with her for a time while she settled in. Mary yearned for Jim initially and anticipated his every visit. But as the months passed Mary became more and more a part of the fabric of the sanctuary where her days are filled with support and the attention of many different people—her new family. Jim passed peacefully, knowing in his heart that Mary will always be loved and cared for.

Mary lives in the North Park, where she loves to help out in the kitchen, snacking as she assists. She spends most of her day climbing back and forth between her play frame and the top of her cage. She is an affectionate and human-bonded bird, so we encourage all our staff and volunteers to make sure to stop by to give her a little extra attention. She enjoys playing "fetch" where she gets to throw you the toy or treat over and over again.

Please consider supporting her with a donation.

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