Meet Pip—

Pip is a male Congo African Grey who arrived at the sanctuary in 2011.

Little Pip, a beautiful Congo African Grey, emerged from his egg in December of 2010. He was sold by a popular Boston-area bird/reptile pet retailer, who happily sent this little bird out into the world in the same way they have sent hundreds of baby birds over the years: with an official hatch certificate and well wishes for a long and happy life with new guardians.  

But the complicated care requirements of parrots and the many crossroads that define and shift the lives of humans make human-avian relationships tenuous at best. The one detail about Pip that makes him stand out from the rest is the fact that he found himself homeless before he was even a year old.

Pip is a puppy. He is all about playing, all the time. He shares a large indoor-outdoor aviary in Central Park with his friend, Gabby. His photos reveal he is a total ham and loves to get in the middle of everything! 

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