Meet Watusi—

Watusi’s relationship with Foster Parrots began in 2000.  

She belonged to a Foster Parrots volunteer named Dominique who, tragically, succumbed to advanced Lyme disease. Dominique was forced to relinquish Watusi to the care of Foster Parrots as her health continued to deteriorate.  

Watusi was happily adopted by a family in 2003 only to be returned seven years later. She is now a permanent resident and is one of the wackiest, silliest, most joyful birds at the sanctuary. 

Watusi lives in the kitchen next to another rambunctious goffins cockatoo named George. While they keep their distance from each other, they do encourage each other into their evening sing alongs.  Watusi will always be the first of the kitchen birds to start a sing-along-dance-party.  

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