Meet some of our birds looking for homes!


Please enjoy reading through some of our adoption profiles to learn more about these amazing birds looking for homes. This is just a few of our adoptable birds, so please still apply even if one of these featured profiles isn’t right for you. We receive 1-3 surrender requests a day, so there are always new birds being added to our adoption list and program.


Name: Conan
Species: Goffin’s cockatoo
Age: 35

Conan is a happy and affectionate Goffin’s cockatoo. He loves people and will be friendly with just about everybody he meets! Conan is extremely social and needs to go to a home where he will receive lots of attention and freedom from the cage. Although his species is small on the scale of cockatoos, Goffin’s still have large personalities and complex needs. Conan’s family will need to accept his natural vocalizations and provide plenty of puzzles and toys to keep him stimulated. Conan will be happy in almost any home as long as he’s getting the attention and affection he craves.


Name: Peetie Girl
Species: Blue-fronted amazon
Age: 16

Peetie-girl is still learning how to interact with people. She loves attention and wants to be near people, but she gets nervous if you approach too quickly or reach out to her with a hand. She isn’t comfortable being touched or handled yet, but we think she will enjoy handling once she learns to step up. She’s happy to walk right up to your face and preen your beard or eyebrows! She often gets excited and will call out with typical Amazon noises. We’re told that Peetie would fly a little bit in her previous home, but she hasn’t tried flying in our Adoption Center yet. She’s happy to hang out on top of her cage most of the day. 

Foster Parrots - Jake with Rachel.jpeg

Name: Jake
Species: Severe macaw
Age: 28

Jake has been living at the sanctuary for about a year and he’s finally ready to find his perfect family. Jake gets very attached to his caretakers and will climb onto the floor to follow his favorite people around. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of affection and will occasionally bite your hand when he gets too excited. This is a behavior that can be managed in his new home, and we will refer Jake’s new family to a professional behaviorist if they need assistance navigating some of his excitement issues. Jake will say “I love you” and “How you doing?” when he wants attention. He needs someone who’s willing to work with him to develop a trusting relationship.


Name: Oliver
Species: African Grey
Age: 40

Oliver has had a difficult life so far. He’s looking for a caregiver with lots of patience and preferably some experience with African greys to help him learn how to trust people. He is interested in interacting and he shows signs that he wants to be touched, but he hasn’t been picked up or handled in many years. Oliver prefers men and will do best in a home where his primary caretaker is male, but he does enjoy attention from women as well. Although Oliver is still learning to trust and he may not be a fan of direct handling, he will win you over with his charming personality! He is a great mimicker and he’s always picking up new noises to repeat back to you. He’s a smart guy, and if you push past his comfort zone he will bite and then say “Ow!” Oliver enjoys music and dancing. He has lived with well-behaved dogs and he ignores them. Oliver has a history of plucking out his own feathers, but that’s been improving. He’s doing a great job growing back his feathers and we expect that he will continue to thrive in an adoptive home where he can receive the attention he needs.


Name: Tidbit
Species: Indian ringneck parakeet
Age: Elderly - exact age unknown

Tidbit is an older bird and has plucked most of his feathers, including his tail, so he has some trouble balancing. He loves attention from people and will “talk” along with you (in his own parrot-speak!) but he’s still very shy and not interested in stepping up. Tidbit’s adopter will need to understand that he may never be interested in stepping up or coming out of his cage, but he still craves love and attention. He will be happy in a home where his cage can be in the center of the action. Foster Parrots plans to cover the cost of two in-home training sessions with behaviorist Sheila Blanchette of Heart of Feathers for Tidbit and his adopter to make sure he transitions smoothly. He is currently living in a volunteer’s home and has been growing back some of his chest and wing feathers in the home setting!


Name: Topaz
Species: Blue and Gold Macaw
Age: 36

Topaz takes time to warm up to new people and may show signs of aggression at first, but she is playful and loving with the people she bonds with. She enjoys attention from people she’s familiar with and she will step up, but she doesn’t want to be constantly touched or held. She tends to bond closely with one person at a time. Topaz will speak to you in English and Portuguese! She wants to be the center of attention. She is mostly quiet, but she may scream when her people are talking to each other or talking on the phone. She is looking for a home where her people will talk, play, and sing with her all day. 

Chickee and Hatch.jpg

Name: Chickee and Hatcher (bonded pair)
Species: Orange-wing and White-fronted amazons
Age: 12

Chickee and Hatcher are birds that will need to be accepted for who they are! They spent their lives in garages and outbuildings until their current guardian rescued them 6 years ago. They have settled into life in a home setting, but they are not the type of birds who want to be pet or cuddled. Both birds are perch trained and will happily step up on a stick. They are a bonded pair and prefer the company of each other, but they also greatly enjoy attention from people. Their current guardian describes them as happy, healthy, and inquisitive, and she suspects that they will become more human bonded when they’re in a home that’s able to devote enough attention to them. Chickee and Hatch can be noisy with typical amazon calls and human vocabulary, but they don’t usually scream. Their vocalizations are predictable to the time of day and they settle right down at night. These birds are total hams and just need a home that’s willing to love them and let them be birds!