Meet some of our birds looking for homes!


Please enjoy reading through some of our adoption profiles to learn more about these amazing birds looking for homes. This is just a few of our adoptable birds, so please still apply even if one of these featured profiles isn’t right for you. We receive 1-3 surrender requests a day, so there are always new birds being added to our adoption list and program.

snowberry and hazel2.jpeg

Name: Snowberry and Hazel (bonded pair)
Species: Cockatiels
Age: 27 and 18

Snowberry and Hazel are older, healthy boys who love to eat leafy greens. Snowberry prefers to hang out with Hazel in their cage, while Hazel is more social and enjoys being pet and preened by people once he warms up to them. Hazel is protective of Snowberry and may bite if they’re separated for too long. They’ll prefer to have a female caretaker and they absolutely must be adopted together. They love to sing and will fill the home with beautiful cockatiel songs!


Name: Buddy
Species: Congo African Grey
Age: 25

Buddy loves attention and likes to run around on the floor, so he’ll do best in a home without cats or dogs. He only knows how to step up on a towel, but may learn to step up directly onto your hand with time and patience. Buddy is shy around new people and has only lived with one family all his life, so it will be a big adjustment for him to move into a new home. Buddy has been known to bite when people don’t respect his boundaries, so his new family will need to use patience as he gets comfortable in his environment.

Foster Parrots - Jake with Rachel.jpeg

Name: Jake
Species: Severe macaw
Age: 28

Jake has been living at the sanctuary for about a year and he’s finally ready to find his perfect family. Jake gets very attached to his caretakers and will climb onto the floor to follow his favorite people around. He hasn’t quite mastered the art of affection and will occasionally bite your hand when he gets too excited. This is a behavior that can be managed in his new home, and we will refer Jake’s new family to a professional behaviorist if they need assistance navigating some of his excitement issues. Jake will say “I love you” and “How you doing?” when he wants attention. He needs someone who’s willing to work with him to develop a trusting relationship.


Name: Chickee and Hatcher (bonded pair)
Species: Orange-wing and White-fronted amazons
Age: 12

Chickee and Hatcher are birds that will need to be accepted for who they are! They spent their lives in garages and outbuildings until their current guardian rescued them 6 years ago. They have settled into life in a home setting, but they are not the type of birds who want to be pet or cuddled. Both birds are perch trained and will happily step up on a stick. They are a bonded pair and prefer the company of each other, but they also greatly enjoy attention from people. Their current guardian describes them as happy, healthy, and inquisitive, and she suspects that they will become more human bonded when they’re in a home that’s able to devote enough attention to them. Chickee and Hatch can be noisy with typical amazon calls and human vocabulary, but they don’t usually scream. Their vocalizations are predictable to the time of day and they settle right down at night. These birds are total hams and just need a home that’s willing to love them and let them be birds!


Name: Josie
Species: Timneh African Grey
Age: 5 

Josie is a curious, sweet, and funny bird once she warms up to people. She takes her bond with her caretaker very seriously and gets upset when she’s not receiving enough attention from her favored person. Josie needs someone who’s prepared to spend lots of time with her every day. She prefers women but will bond with a man if he is her primary caretaker. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of children. Josie is a good mimicker and will show off her skills with the sounds of a truck backing up and the fire alarm. Josie is playful and sweet and just needs a dedicated caretaker to keep her company. She’ll do best with someone who has parrot experience and is willing to be patient with her as she gets comfortable in her new home.


Name: Pucky
Species: Meyers
Age: 19

Pucky adores people and wants to be on your shoulder all day. She’s good at making human friends and will most likely enjoy attention from everyone in the family. Pucky can be very playful and affectionate once she trusts someone. However, she can be extremely noisy during the times of day when she needs to be caged. Pucky needs a family who can tolerate her noise level and can have her out of the cage with them for most of the day. She is also an excellent chewer and needs to be supervised to prevent the destruction of doors, window frames, and any other woodwork she can find! Her family will need to be prepared for the challenges that come with Pucky, but they will be rewarded with her lovable and spunky nature!


Name: Ozzie
Species: Sun conure
Age: 11

Ozzie is a very friendly sun conure. He is a great little jumper and will hop onto your shoulder as soon as you’re in range. He is fully flighted and enjoys the freedom of flight throughout the house. Ozzie tends to bond most strongly with one person at a time, but he will enjoy the company of others when his favorite person isn’t available. He can be quite noisy with typical sun conure vocalizations. He needs lots of attention and stimulation to keep him occupied. Ozzie loves to be handled, loves human attention, and will make a great companion for someone who can devote lots of time to him and tolerate the noise level of a vocal sun conure!