Become a Guardian

Rescue organizations and humane shelters everywhere are experiencing monumental numbers of unwanted parrots well in excess of available homes. Your choice to adopt rather than purchase truly can save a life.

While we are anxious to locate qualified homes for an ever-increasing number of birds in need, it is important that adoption applicants understand the challenges involved in caring for a parrot. Please review the following sections thoroughly before submitting an application.

Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the time to give to a parrot, and/or can I offer the companionship of other birds in my home that will support the social needs of a parrot?

Can I offer ample out-of-cage time?

Am I prepared to deal with wild, natural behaviors like seasonal aggression, territoriality, loud vocalizations and bonding preferences?

Am I or is my family prepared to make a commitment to an animal whose life span can range from 25 – 80 + years?

Am I financially capable of ensuring veterinary care, offering an appropriate, varied and nutritious diet and providing toys and enrichments?

Am I anticipating any major life transitions (marriage, divorce, birth of a baby, children leaving home, residential move, chronic illness…) that will impact my ability to continue to care for a parrot over the long term? 

Requirements for adoption:

You must live in the New England area.

You must be over the age of 18 and have a stable home situation that can accommodate a parrot.

There must be no other potentially dangerous or predatory animals in the home.

There must be no non-stick cookware in the home.

We will not adopt parrots to breeders or to people who will allow breeding.

Adoptive homes must be able to offer a high level of social support in the form of human and/or avian companionship.

Adoptive homes must have the ability to provide freedom/out-of-cage time. Homes capable of providing “environments” rather than cages and those accommodating flight will be prioritized.

Adoptive homes must be financially stable and have the ability to provide veterinary care, an appropriate and nutritious diet, housing, toys and enrichments.

Adoption applicants do not have to be “experts” or even have prior parrot experience, but they do have to be empathetic, compassionate and willing to learn.  

There are two ways to submit an adoption application:

1. Online: by completing our ONLINE APPLICATION FORM HERE

2. E-mail: by downloading the application and sending us the completed application to: (click here to download)