One Earth Works To:


Develop and energize comprehensive conservation plans that integrate the needs of businesses, animals, habitats, human inhabitants and future generations of all species
Support, nourish, and train conservationists and their partners for increased effectiveness and joy through building relationships, fostering compassion, and growing awareness and understanding
Connect people to one another and to the Earth and her beings through conservation, ecojustice, and ecotourism




We are committed to people, parrots, and peace on this one earth through the integration of the needs of the many into comprehensive, compassionate conservation strategies.  Our goal is to support people and bring them together into international communities so that in the nourishing of one another we contribute

to the flourishing of all.  Specifically we do this by teaching Nonviolent Communication, gaining and distributing grants to in-country conservation teams, participating as field biologists and conservation veterinarians, providing nourishing networks to bring the people of the Americas together, and offering workshops, presentations, and tours.  

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