Foster Parrots offers unique educational opportunities for students of all ages! 

Sanctuary Tours and Programs. We offer packages that combine educational programs with tours of our facilities. Spend an hour or spend the day! We’ll put together a program you won’t forget.

Off-Site Presentations. If your school, club or organization is located in Southern New England or Southeastern New York, we’ll bring our programs to you. Although we do not bring parrots off-site, we promise that our dynamic presentations will keep you engaged.

Merit Badges/Scout Projects. Whether you’re a Cub Scout or an Eagle Scout, our sanctuary is a great place to put your feet on the ground and your ideas to work! From “nut drives” to habitat enrichment, we appreciate every opportunity to collaborate on service projects that teach real-life skills and improve our residents’ quality of life.

Internships & Independent Studies. Internships at The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary are unpaid and educational in nature. We strive to develop programs that complement various curricula and provide students with a valuable experience. To apply, submit your resume (or C.V.), a letter of introduction and a listing of your school’s internship requirements to *Please note that Foster Parrots does not provide interns with transportation or housing.