Teflon – We can not stress this enough:  If you have birds in your home, you must ban Teflon and ALL non-stick coated items from your home.  When overheated, Teflon emits an odorless, colorless, toxic fume that is instantly fatal to birds.  Don’t take chances.  Get rid of all Teflon coated cookware.  Non-stick Teflon coating can also be found on irons and coffee makers.  

Self-Cleaning Ovens – utilize a non-stick coating.  Activating the self-cleaning feature of your oven will kill your birds.  We recommend that people who keep birds should replace their self-cleaning ovens.

Silicone Oven Mats – They are advertised as “silicone” not “Teflon”, but they are deadly!  

**We regularly receive phone calls and e-mails from devastated people who have lost their beloved parrots to any and all of the above “bird killers”.  Please take the threat seriously.  Foster Parrots will not consider adopting birds to homes in which Teflon/non-stick items are present.

Chemicals – Beware of your use of chemicals and cleaning agents around your birds.  Chlorine, ammonia, fabric fresheners like Febreeze, oil based house paints and paint thinners are all examples of household chemicals that can pose a danger to your bird.