As a maker and a visual artist, I describe myself as a sculptor / builder - though some of my work also lives in the 2D realm- illustrations, particularly ink and watercolor scenes of places that inspire me, or of forms that I one day hope to create in the physical plane. 

As a sculptor, I enjoy subtractive processes- In my time at Massachusetts College of Art & Design, where I received my BFA in sculpture, I focused mainly on wood carving. Since then, most of the carvings I do are in Ice. I like ice- it is clean, and reminds me of the impermanence of things.

As an artist, I look to animals for inspiration- and for life advice, as to how to best get along with each other and Mother Nature. I like depicting simple animal forms- personifying and abstracting them- especially small rodentia and other woodland critters. 

As a builder, I am inspired by humble shelters, natural buildings, and alternative building methods that utilize recycled or repurposed materials. I like trying to use what is readily available to me- be it tools or materials- and finding ways to re-purpose materials that would otherwise be regarded as waste.


Recently, I have taken on some design/build projects that have involved the re-imaging of spaces- particularly the physical re-branding and facelift of a cafe in Providence ( Malachi’s - 134 Ives Street ). Other such projects I have been a part of in recent years include:  the renovation of an old three-family home in Somerville, MA (2014-2015)- using a great deal of reclaimed materials, the design and construction of a small workshop shed in Stockbridge, MA (2015-2016 ) using materials from a demolition on the property, and the design and construction of a “tree bog” composting toilet outside Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, Ireland (2015) using found materials exclusively- which, as insignificant as it sounds, I am particularly fond of.

I am also currently in the final stages of building a small cabin, aka “tiny home,” for myself on a trailer bed in the Feral Arts workshop, and I look forward to getting started on the interior build of the cabins here!

I am very excited to help this sanctuary grow, and to be a part of the Foster Parrots and Feral Arts family now!